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Excel is one of Microsoft’s most popular and extensive software applications. The sheer amount of functionality can be overwhelming for a beginner, but it only takes a few minutes for a complete newbie to Excel to get up and running and using.

Advanced users will spend years learning more and more about the app as more updates and versions are rolled out.

Who Am I?

My name is Sam and I set up ExcelRepo.com in December 2019 as a way of sharing my knowledge of Excel and teaching others how to get the best out of the application.

My mission is to teach each of my visitors something they didn’t know in Excel and/or help them solve a current problem they’re having

I have used Excel extensively for most of my career as a Data Engineer and more recently Full Stack Web Developer, that spans many industries including Professional Sport, Energy & utilities & Marketing as well as a range of freelance projects

Where To Start

If you’re new to Excel, I recommend starting with my 6-module free introductory course. The sessions are bite-sized, and within 15  minutes, you’ll be up and running in Excel and using your first functions!

6 Module Beginners Course – FREE (coming soon!)

For those of you more comfortable with Excel, check out some of these popular posts:

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Other Useful Tools and Resources

Excel Functions

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (coming soon)

Free Templates (coming soon)


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